Plus D'info

Dr. Web Antivirus
filters and prevents today’s nastiest viruses from ever reaching your mail box

Antispam Software with a built-in configuration interface for SPAM rules server wide or on a per mailbox basis.
Tomcat JSP
Tomcat is the Servlet container that provides the environment for executing Java Servlets allowing you to set up hosting with JSP support.
MySQL Serveur   database is available on both Windown and Linux based hosting

database for Windows based hosting.
Cold Fusion Supporttt
configuration ColdFusion paths and enable/disable ColdFusion support in the Hosting setup.
right from the user interface with a few clicks. PhpPGMyAdmin giving you remote access to your databases.

Web Statistics
Webalyser/AWstas are available to all our customer. We also offer Deepmetrix High-end web stats..

Web Site Creator
Build your website in 5 simple steps. Look Professional in minutes

Web Studio
Create your site offline then upload it to our server as many times as you want...

Search Engine submission
We will be happy to submit your site to the top search engines

osCommerce Software Support

We offer a full ASP. Net with MS SQL or PHP with MySQL e-commerce Packages!
Site Editor
This powerful solution for managing and creating websites is integrated completely into the Plesk control panel. It is the easiest way to create, modify and update a website without any need for technical knowledge. This is ideal not only for professional developers but also offers an easy-to-use WYSIWYG-based editing system